Boat GPS Tracking Devices & Service

With the increasing cases of boat theft, you need to ensure that your boat is safe by installing GPS tracking devices. It can be hidden in many areas of the boat. With efficient GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders, tracking your marine is now simple and convenient. GPS tracking system provides accurate information about the location of your river vessels. If you want to secure GPS tracking devices on your machine, then get in touch with Marine GPS Vehicle Tracking Service Provider at

The ability to accurately predict when your barge will arrive and dock allows you greater independence. You will also be able to manage your loading and unloading equipment more conveniently. With GPS tracking systems, you will have peace of mind and at the same time allow you to better schedule the use of your river boats. This improves customer service. It also helps you to better schedule the use of your boats.

GPS tracking systems for boats is an essential tool for those people who wants to operate safely and at the same time ensure increased productivity. These devices are specifically designed to help you map the location of a boat and send that location to a dispatcher on shore. The system is also designed to send coordinates to the boats captain to guide them.

What Are GPS Marine Navigation Systems?

With the increasing cases of accidents in the sea caused by the captain negligence, there is need for a system that can always alert the rescuers and the relevant authorities whenever a problem has occurred. A GPS marine navigation system is designed specifically for the marine environment. They are usually recommended due to the safety and security they offer.

As a matter of fact, most of the sailing courses now includes the use of GPS systems. These devices are usually handheld but they are also integrated together with the chart plotter devices and computers connected. Whenever there’s a panic, you are supposed to press on their buttons and the rescuers and the relevant authorities will get there in minutes.

The fact that they can also air the information about the boat’s location means that it is easier for the authorities to locate the machine and offer the needed assistance. They also use satellite to offer information about the speed of the boat and other captain’s behaviors that can put the people on board into danger.

GPS marine navigation systems usually have built in alarms. These alarms are not so loud and they sound if you were to go or if your anchor is dragging. There are also different types of devices that are available for you in the market today. They includes:

  • Handheld devices which are cheaper than all the other types. Although they are cheap, they are accurate.
  • Chart plotters-These are a bigger improvement. They display information overlaid on nautical charts.
  • Computer connected to GPS-A computer can be used together with any of the above devices to display information more accurately. The above are three types of GPS marine navigation devices if you are thinking of purchasing one.

Features of Marine Vehicle Tracking

  • Auto Track-This is one of the best features of GPS tracking systems for rental boats. You don’t have to manually activate the system for tracking location and other things. It does all this automatically. It can continue tracking at given intervals without being interfered with.
  • Voice severance-The other good thing is that you just have to dial and listen in to sounds around the tracker e.g. voice and car sounds.
  • Geofence- Another very useful feature is Geofencing. You can be able to geofence a certain location where the vessel is supposed to operate. In case it goes beyond this designated area, you will get instant notifications. It can either send an alarm on your phone or just notify you through a pop-up notification message.
  • Movement alerts-The other good thing is that you can customize the system to serve as a movement alarm. Once the vessel is moved just 200 meters from the original position, an alarm is sent to your phone. It works just as a car alarm.
  • Over speed alerts- You can also be able to detect any behavior that puts the passengers’ life under threat or even increases the chances of an accident. The fact is that you can set speed to any number. If the machine over speeds, then you will end up getting a notification directly on your smartphone. From here, you can later take appropriate measures to save the vessel and the people on board.
  • SOS button-The safety of your workers matter. If there is any form of danger i.e. an attempted theft, your field workers can just press this button and you will be notified immediately. With the information, you can get relevant authorities to act swiftly and combat the crime.

How GPS Tracking Helps Boat Companies Reduce The Cost of Operation

Know Real Time Locations

The sole purpose of GPS system is to send real time coordinates about the whereabouts of the machine. When boats are in the water, there’s no better way of knowing where they are than using GPS. The good thing is that with GPS for boat rental companies, you will at all-time be getting real time update on your boat’s location even when they are far in the waters.

Consequently, you can be able to utilize your machine and for this reason use them for the company’s benefits. It can also help you save money by maximizing the machine utilization. When you know where the machines are in real time, you can be able to give your customer’s reliable replies to their queries. This way, customers will be fully satisfied . As long as the boat is in the area within 2G signals, you will always be able to get an accurate and a reliable data about its whereabouts. You will also be able to allocate your units efficiently and end up saving on fuel consumption.

Reduced risks of theft

GPS tracking devices for Boat and other marine equipment gives you peace of mind. Knowing that you will be able to know when the machine is stolen and that there’s likelihood of you recovering it gives you peace of mind. Rental boats especially those luxury units are at a higher risk of theft. What this means is that you should at all cost ensure they are fitted with GPS tracking systems.

The reduced risk of lost and downtime caused by the inconvenience translates into lower insurance costs which in long run are evident in the company’s balance sheet. The other good thing about the GPS tracking system is because you can set a geofence to get real time notifications whenever the boat bypasses the designated area.

Improved Maintenance

Boats also need maintenance. They don’t just need maintenance but better maintenance. This reduces wear and tear and later translate to lower costs of operations. They keep track of your boat’s distance traveled and the locations. For this reason, they can be customized to give you notifications when its time to take them for maintenance. The main reason for this is to ensure that you don’t forget the routine maintenance.
Just like any other mobile equipment, Boats need a Boat GPS tracking system to keep the captain safe and maximize the utility. Boat rental GPS tracking is beneficial in all dimensions. For boat rental owners, they need to ensure that the person operating the machine is safe and the boat is in its best condition. This is essential in maintaining fleet efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

There are several insurance companies that have taken to reducing boat insurance rates for people who either buy a boat with a GPS tracking system or those that fit their Boats with GPS tracking systems after purchase. The reason for this is that a GPS tracking system reduces the risk of damage and theft. In other words, if you spend your money and time to fit your boats with GPS tracking systems, you will end up saving on your insurance premiums.


Where your boat should operate at any time is also a factor. With GPS tracking systems from GPSleaders helps you to set a designated area where the boats shouldn’t go beyond. As mentioned before, Geofencing can help you to detect a theft case. It can help you notice when your boat goes beyond the set parameters. Together with helping you seclude your boat from risky areas, GPS tracking system can help you detect whenever the captain uses the boat for his own gains.

The Bottom Line

Once again, there are uncountable benefits of having a Boat rental GPS tracking system in your Boat. What this means is that as you contemplate the purchase of new boats for your business, just consider including a GPS tracking system on your boat. You may also want to buy a GPS tracking system to your current boats for the reasons set forth in the above parts of this article. For boat GPS tracking deals and offers, contact the number one Boat GPS Tracking Service Provider in California GPS Leaders –