Motorcycle GPS Tracking Device

Nobody likes his motorcycle to be stolen but according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), motorcycle theft is an increasing criminal act in the US. The statistics compiled by NICB in 2017 shows that motorcycle theft in 2016 increased by 2 percent. The report shows that there are over 46,467 motor cycle theft cases in 2017 compared to the 45,555 cases in the previous year. On June 2018, the NICB released its annual report which shows that in 2017 there was a slight decline in motor cycle theft. The report shows that 44,268 motorcycles were reported stolen which is a slight decline from the 46,467 in 2016.

There are some of the states with higher cases of motorcycle theft as to compare to others. California is the leading with over 7,532 cases reported in 2017 alone. Florida follows with 4,323, Texas the third with 3,525 and South Carolina with 1,732. Arizona has the least number of cases reported in 2017 with 1,057.

According to the same report, there are some of the motorcycle models that are at a higher risk of being stolen than others. NICB report shows that some brands like Honda Motor Inc., Yamaha Motor Corporation, Harley Davidson Inc. Kawasaki Motors and Ducati Motor Holding among many others are the target by many thieves. In 2017, Honda models were the leading with more than 8,781 cases reported in the same year, followed by Yamaha (7,298), American Suzuki (5,530), Harley Davidson (5,138), Kawasaki Motors (2,305), KTM Sport Motocycle (722), Genuine Cycle (532) Ducati Motor Holding (520) and lastly Kymco U.S.A (484).

According to the same reports, there are some seasons when motorcycle theft are at the peak. Most of cases were reported in July and August. The fewest cases were in December. If you are so keen on this pattern, you may noticed that weather greatly affects this criminal act.

The fact is that there are several factors that contributed to the decrease in motorcycle theft in 2017 and GPS tracking is one of them. Cyclists are increasingly becoming aware of all the benefits of fitting their assets with a GPS tracking system. As the statistics already show, California is the leading state with majority of the cases reported. For this reason, you have to fit your motorcycle with GPS tracking systems. For best offers and deals, get in touch with Motorcycle GPS Tracking Provider in California GPS Leaders.

In this brief, we are going to talk about some of the reasons why you should consider fitting your Motorcycle with GPS tracking systems. With all the benefits, you shouldn’t hesitate any more.

Motorcycle GPS Tracking Services Are An Effective Anti-Theft Tool

We all understand the frustration of losing an asset. The increasing cases are common because a motorcycle is a small motor machine that can even be carried on a car. For this reason, you may not be able to prevent theft but GPS tracking systems can help you recover it in case of theft. This is the leading reason why majority of the motorcycle owners all over the world value GPS tracking systems.

Don’t forget that motorcycles are always an easier target and even if you locked it or even invested on other methods to prevent theft, there are chances that it will be stolen. Motorcycle GPS tracking systems will send you an instant alert about the whereabouts of your bike with no time. What this means is that you can be able to get in touch with the relevant authority and recover it within the shortest time possible.

I don’t want to talk of a situation where your bike was stolen and there’s no available method of recovering it. In this case, the authorities may fail to recover the machine completely or even take time to track it manually. A good GPS tracking system combined with VHS based radio tracking, will allow instant detection of the vehicle location within the shortest time possible.

Very Impressive To The Newbie

There are very many families out there with young cyclists. If this is your case, then you need Motorcycle GPS tracking system. This way, you will be able to get clear data of how your daughter or son is cycling. GPS tracking system will give you instant information in case he/she over speeds and if he takes sharp corners.
GPS tracking system is also very useful especially when directing young and inexperienced cyclists. Inexperienced cyclists are prone to causing accidents but with GPS tracking systems, they can at all-time be able to control speed and get warnings every time they bleach any traffic rule.

As a parent, you will be able to closely monitor their behavior and advise them accordingly. The good thing is that you will be getting all the data displayed on your smartphone. What this means is that you can always get instant information on your smartphone regardless of where you are.

Motorcycle GPS Tracking Software Will Keep A Record Of The Driving History

This is another benefit of installing GPS tracking systems on your motorcycle. Most of the adventure enthusiasts and those people who take outdoor activities would like a GPS tracking system to keep a record of the driving history. If you are operating a Bike renting business, then you should at the same time choose a GPS tracking system for the same reasons. You will be able to get a clear picture of fuel consumption and at the same time know the mileage cycled.

If you price your services based on the number of kilometers traveled, then GPS tracking devices will give you everything you need to make profits. You can at all-time check the history and determine the amount of money to ask from the cyclist.


This is another benefit that is especially important to business owners. If you lend your bike to a person that you don’t know and at the same time expect it back, then you should get GPS tracking systems for Geofencing. Geofencing is setting a designated area where the bike shouldn’t bypass. In case the bike goes beyond this area without your approval, then you can get in touch with the cyclist for answers. If it is stolen, then you can report the case to the relevant authorities and recover it within the shortest time possible.

Although most of the motorcycles today have security systems integrated, a reliable GPS tracking system from GPS l
Leaders can make the difference. It can help the law enforcers recover the stolen asset within a very short time.

Potential savings on Insurance Premiums

This is another fact that most of the people don’t know. Majority of insurance providers encourages asset owners to install GPS tracking systems to their machines by offering less insurance premiums. They offer discounts to low-risk motorcycles. What this means is that if you install a reliable GPS tracking system on your Motorcycle, then you will save a lot on insurance costs. Don’t let instances of theft affect your peace of mind while you can get a simple system to keep your bike safe and at the same time give you peace of mind.

Maintain control over your Motorbike

Motorcycle GPS tracking system helps you have full control over your asset. It enables you to track the real location of your asset at all time. If you are a business operating a bike lending business, then you understands fully how important it is to know the whereabouts of your asset at all the time. It’s at the core of every business to ensure that the assets are safe.

In case you also have some workers in field, you can always get in touch with them and direct them accordingly. It is beneficial to you in case you have a delivery company. You can always spot where the bike is at each point in time and eventually be able to answer customer queries accordingly.

Eliminate Anxiety

The most noticeable benefit of GPA tracking system is that it helps you lessen some of the anxiousness, concern and distress. It starts from when your son or daughter is one the highway. You can never have peace of mind if you don’t know that your children or any other family member are safe. With GPS tracking, you will be able to get real time data about their whereabouts and also be sure that they are driving safely.

Another thing is the anxiety that comes with not knowing where your asset is. With GPS tracking system, you can at least be sure that you can recover the machine in case it is stolen. You are also sure that your field workers are safe and sound.

The bottom line

There are several benefits of fitting your motorcycle with GPS tracking system. With the increasing trend of motorcycle theft, you must be careful. The above are just few of the advantages of having a GPS tracking system fitted on your asset. What this means is that the list is endless and we cannot exhaust all the benefits of GPS tracking systems. For the best offers and deals, then reach out to the best Motorcycle GPS Tracking Service provider in California GPS Leaders.