Benefits of using Cargo GPS Tracking

Cargo theft has been a great threat to supply chains for several years. However, many companies have been miscalculating the high risk associated with cargo theft all along. Though you may carry a comprehensive insurance plan promising coverage, some exceptions and limitations can leave you just frustrated. Good news about GPS tracking devices, they offer additional security over your cargo. In 2016, there were 838 cases of cargo theft reported in the US. CargoNet statistics, indicating there is an average loss of $206,836.97 per shipment. It is also estimated that USA loses $30 billion dollars in cargo theft annually.

The technology used by global thieves in the supply chain has been evolving for years now. Cargo thieves are highly sophisticated, organized and trained to accomplish their tasks. From containers being mislaid, mislabeled or simply failing to arrive to their respective destinations. All these cases are fueled with the increasing worldwide demand for black-market goods and hence you can expect a continued increase in cargo theft cases worldwide. With the increased cases of cargo theft, global leaders in GPS car tracking devices such GPS Leaders are offering solutions to reduce these cases through installation of GPS cargo tracking systems in your containers. There are several benefits associated in having tracking devices fitted in your trailers or shipping containers before shipment.

GPS tracking tools can help determine the time and location of a stolen container or vehicle. The device will notify the owner or the supply chain company administrator when in motion without relevant authority. The location and the status of your asset will be automatically stored on the applicable devices and once the cellular network is present, the data collected will soon be forwarded to your email and or mobile device(s). Both the company administrator(s) and the law enforcement will use the GPS system to track the assets in real time. GPS tracking absolutely increases higher chances of recovery of stolen goods and apprehension of thieves.

GPS LEADERS Cargo GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices will also help you increase security and accountability through geofencing. Geofencing is a system that establishes a perimeter around a designated area, that your assets may not cross. The administrator will set this perimeter, if asset moves past this area, the GPS tracking system will sense and send an SMS notification direct to the administrators cell phone, and or smart device(s). At this time of theft in motion, you may take relevant measures to inquire with your driver and report the theft in motion to appropriate law enforcement.

By setting a geofence, you can keep track of your field employees, merchandise and be alerted of a possible security threat. High quality GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders will help you set multiple geofences providing additional security to your merchandise and vehicles.

GPS tracking devices come in a two way communication capacity so that the driver and the administrator may communicate in case there is any issue along the way. The driver can be able to notify the administrator in case of security threats along the way so that the administrator can take necessary actions. Administrator can use the same platform to inquire what is happening in case the driver leaves the designated geo area. In the occurrence of any unauthorized activity, the GPS tracking devices will notify the administrator immediately and they can be able to respond accordingly.

Criminals Use Jammers On Cargo GPS Tracking

Sophisticated trackers will make use of algorithms in the receiver software and be able to detect when they are being jammed. An SMS notification will be sent to the connected smartphone, PC or a tablet and the control center will be able to take relevant steps such as alerting the law enforcement. Criminals are using very sophisticated methods to disable those trackers that are installed on trucks and trailers. This way, they may be able to disappear with the merchandise without the authorities knowing. Most often, the criminals just need to disable the tracking system and they successfully get away with the properties. If your tracking device is very effective, it will be able to detect jammers and notify the control center. In some cases, the criminals need to be in close proximity of the actual GPS unit, so that they can disable these tracking devices. Point being, if an alert is sent to control center of possible “jamming” and law enforcement is notified early enough, recovery of merchandise and arrest rates are higher.

Having a GPS tracking device installed in the trailers and the trucks, will assist in drivers and other field workers feeling more safe and secure. The GPS tracking system is fitted together with a panic button in which the driver can press and notify the control center in case of any distress. This way, the management is able to take relevant steps in rescuing the driver and the goods being transported. Sometimes your employees can fall victims to robbers and dangerous intruders. Having a panic button fitted in your truck will make them feel secure knowing that someone is ready to help when in distress. By installing a GPS tracking system fitted with a panic button, you are also proactively protecting your business from loss of properties, profits and productivity.

Portable Cargo GPS Tracking Devices

Portable GPS tracking devices are easy to transport from one place to another and they can be used to monitor time management, confirm transfer of assets on shipment and trucks when the driver is in transport. This devices can be stored in a bag or be inserted in one of the goods that are being transported. They have a long lasting battery to ensure that it will be active for the duration. They have a strong magnetic mount, waterproof and they are self-contained, meaning they can be used in tracking heavy equipment.

GPS tracking devices will give you comprehensive reports about the cargo position, departure time and much more that will help you manage your company more effectively. The company will use this information to decrease or eliminate hidden expenses that are in one way or the other impacting on the profitability of the company. Having a GPS tracking device in your shipments and or vehicles will help increase the drivers productivity and the efficiency.

Cargo GPS tracking will help reduce downtime and therefore increase customer satisfaction. You will receive on time information after every 10-20 seconds about the whereabouts of the trailers during shipment and transportation. The control center will be able to update the end customer about the whereabouts of their goods and how long it will take them to receive them.

In case of an accident, GPS car tracking devices will notify the control center about the occurrence and how it has occurred. This will make it easy for insurance companies to take further action with more clarity and ease. GPS can also be used to detect possible accidents on the road and advice the driver and the management accordingly.

Route Optimization For Cargo GPS Tracking

The Navigation satellite system is an essential component of traffic monitoring and management that is used together with Cargo GPS tracking system that will help in route optimization. The administrator will be able to observe and communicate on the shortest and the most convenient route to use to the destination. This will ensure reduced gas usage and increase efficiency. Several companies in the world are using GPS tracking systems to find the shortest route in the city that their tracks can use to minimize on time and fuel.

GPS cargo tracking system makes it easy to manage your cargo fleet. You will be able to get exact location of your fleet and update your clients or dispatch the nearest backup in case of a vehicle breakdown. This way, your company will be able to operate efficiently and stay on top of the demanding fleet cargo industry.

GPS cargo tracking eliminates anything on the way that can deter deliveries on time. The system will help in curbing cases of misrouted shipments, traffics, broken vehicles and theft. This means that the company has on time information about everything that needs to be known about the progress of their cargo.

Reduce Paper Work With Cargo GPS Tracking

GPS tracking devices are fitted with internal storage capability that mean the company will be able to reduce paper work. All the needed statistics from the time your cargo was shipped to the time it arrived to your clients will be recorded electronically for ease of doing business.

Cargo insurance companies will also allow some discount if your containers and trucks are fitted with GPS car tracking devices. This means that the insurance company will have an easy time dealing and covering cases of lost cargo.

GPS tracking will also help in reducing the time wasted at the port trying to identify cargo. The management will just use the information provided by the GPS tracking devices to identify their containers among the thousands that are in the port. This way, the company will reduce on operational cost and downtime due to delays.