Moviepass CEO Brags App Tracks Your Location Before and After Movies

Moviepass is a company set in New York City to bridge the gap between theaters and their customers. You will be able to watch movies daily with a monthly subscription that is relatively less than a single ticket. With a subscription of $9.95 per month, Moviepass lets you enjoy one movie per day in the theaters. You are offered a MoviePass card that you can use to purchase your ticket. After your card is activated, you will sign into the eponymous App that is available for Android and iOS. With this app installed on your phone, you can browse the ShowTime and the theaters. If the theater offers e-ticketing, you can purchase your seat and select your seat using this app.

According to MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe, this App does more than just offering a platform to purchase your movie tickets. He brags that this app can track your location before and after watching a movie. At the Entertainment Finance Forum, Mitch Lowe told an audience that this app will be able to get on time info about their whereabouts. Lowe said that they get an enormous amount of information as you purchase and go to watch those cost effective movies.

MoviePass requires you to feed information about your location when you are signing up and every time you are selecting a theater. Although people take this as a single request for your location coordinates as a means to develop, improve and personalize the service as explained in the movie pass Privacy Policy, the company is getting a lot of information about you. The company uses this information to track you from the time you leave your apartment to the time you get back home.

Several Benefits From Tracking You Locations MoviePass CEO Claims

According to Lowe, the company is focused to ‘’build a night at the movies’’. What this means is that the company is looking forward to use the data and direct you to a specific bar on your way home or a restaurant on your way there. This will be very useful when it comes to reducing the cost of money and time you use looking for a bar or a restaurant.

MoviePass also stores the user data such as IP address, email address, cell phone numbers and many more. This way, the company will personalize your services. However, they are using this data to track your personal expenses, your income and many more.

In addition, the company claims that the tracking described in the patent is aimed at preventing fraud. This way, the company will help to keep the users safe through a secure money system. One of the ways to do this is the use of this app to track the user location before activating their debit card. MoviePass spokesperson said that they need to know that the user is within 100 yards of a selected theater before activating their debit cards.
The information collected by the app about the user is highly protected against unauthorized access and hence the User privacy is still retained. The data is transmitted through the SSL technology into password-protected databases.

Lowe said that the company will utilize the data to increase user experience and they are not intended to sell this information at the current time. The data will be used to enhance the overall experience by creating more opportunities. They will use the data to be able to market potential customer benefits such as discounts on transportation, coupons for nearby restaurants and many more.

However, you can be able to restrict the app from getting your location details. You can opt to change your location settings on your phone to never. Then you will only be required to activate the location when you are purchasing the ticket and selecting your theater.

Majority of MoviePass App Users Did Not Take Tracking A Good Thing

Those users that are highly sensitive about their personal privacy are considering this idea as creepy. Privacy is more important than ever and companies should comply. With MoviePass, building a solid reputation is very important and hence the power of unsatisfied customers should never be underestimated.

It is obviously true that personal data was more easily protected in the past than ever. With the advancement in the technology sector, personal data can easily be mishandled. GPS tracking devices can get real time information about your location. Although this has numerous advantages such as security and emergency response, there is need for personal privacy. What this means is that privacy protection is important. Here are some of the reasons why privacy protection is important.

Respect for Individuals

Many customers have a reasonable feeling that something about them should be kept private. It will look disrespectful to invade their privacy and ignore their wishes without a compelling reason. Although some people are not sensitive to privacy, the company should respect them and maintain a high degree of cooperation in case there is need for personal details. The company should get an approval from the customer before tracking their location. This should be confidential until a reasonable excuse is provided.


Trust is crucial in any relationship be it professional, governmental or commercial. A breach of confidentiality is a breach of trust. People trust the companies they do business with so much. When a company cannot protect your personal information then it will lose our trust. Businesses are looking out for ways to grow and develop. Maintaining customer confidentiality is one of the ways they can achieve this. It will help to reduce costs and increase customer experience.

Reputation Management

Privacy is very crucial when it comes to managing someone’s reputation. We should have some degree of privacy in order to maintain our reputation. Our reputation affects the way we contract and do business. You don’t want to be judged the wrong way or being misunderstood for what you do with your daily life.

Maintaining Social Boundaries

People have well established boundaries where they are free to think and act. This is the place where our information and properties has to stay private and hence reduce social friction. Privacy will help someone manage their boundaries well. Breaching someone’s privacy can cause several social problems that could otherwise have been avoided if their information was withheld.

Limit on Power

With privacy, the company will have limited powers over its customers. It will limit the amount of information they have about their customers and eventually the power over them. Getting so much of personal data from individuals can be dangerous sometimes. It can be used to take several decisions that can affect the customers. It can also be used to affect our decisions and behavior. This means that if this information lands on the hands of people with bad intentions then it can be used to cause harm.

Reduce Cost and Losses

The governments have imposed regulations that requires companies to withhold their customer information. These regulations define the type of information that should be retained and that which can be utilized by the company. They also establish the extent to which personal information can be used by the company without breaching the privacy of the other individual. The company can face dire consequences for non-compliance. Therefore, businesses have invested on electric communication and stored data as a way of protecting consumer information.


Some of the information is critical and it can cause harm in case it lands in the wrong hands. A good example is the location information about an individual. Criminals can utilize it to track down the where about of an individual and cause harm. However, with the principles set out in the Data Protection Act, the individual information will be protected. This will help reduce cybercrimes by ensuring the personal details especially the contacts, passwords, banking and pins are protected.

Ensures Control

When you know that there is no one with your personal information, you will be able to think and act accordingly. You will as well have full control over your life. You will be able to know the kind of data that your company, government or any other organization has, how it is used and how much it is going to affect your life. We can sometimes look helpless without the ability to determine how our data is used to control our lives. We cannot have greater control of our lives if so much of our personal data is used behind our backs.

Despite the above importance of privacy protection, there are several benefits associated with GPS tracking. The information about your location can help greatly to track and find you in case of any emergency. It can as well be used to report and find a criminal in case the need arises. All these things are possible if the data falls on the right hands. Otherwise, it can be used to harm you and/or to cause harm to others. There are many companies in the world that provide GPS tracking services and GPS leaders is one of them. If you are in California and its vicinity and looking for GPS tracking services, then worry no more, got you sorted.