GPS Tracking for Elderly & Mentally Handicapped

Research shows that majority of people living with mental disability live with their families. Caring for them can be tiring and sometimes problematic. If you are having problems taking care of your elderly grandparents or a mentally challenged relative or a friend, then you should know you are not alone. Having cognitive challenges can result in a person being exposed to potential danger. Especially those people living with Alzheimer’s tend to end up lost. They wander without really knowing where they are going or where they have come from. Majority of them are lost and they are never found. The elderly also can get lost. Statistics show that in the USA, 1 in every 8 people aged above 65 years is suffering from Alzheimer’s. This doesn’t account for those with other types of dementia. They are also getting old and move slowly. Their mind is also experiencing mental slow down to the point that they become forgetful.

Rowe and colleagues (2011) discovered that caregivers sometimes permit people living with Dementia to leave their homes or nursing homes and this results in most cases of lost persons. A disaster strikes and they have nothing to do but wait for help from the relatives, ambulance or the police. In USA only, majority of people go missing, but members of these two categories are more likely to go missing than others.

Pomerantz (2006) estimated that 12% of people living with dementia live at home while 39% live in the nursing homes. Statistics also show that 40% of them are lost and 5% get lost repeatedly. 6 out of 10 of those people who get lost as a result of wandering in the USA are reported to be injured due to traffic accidents or falls. The bureau of statistics show that 280,000 people living with mental disability are projected to rape and other violent crimes. All this can be prevented in case we exploit the potential of the tracking technology. In 2010 only, 537,000 cases were reported against people living with disability. Some of them result in death and others result in injuries.

If you are getting worried every time you are not close to them, then worry no more. You can get tracking devices from and track their movements. This way you will have peace of mind.

How GPS Tracking for Elderly Works

With GPS tracking devices from GPS LEADERS, you don’t have to be always with your aging parent, relative, friend or any other person who can be subjected to the risk of getting lost. If they are prone to wandering due to dementia, Alzheimer’s or any other similar condition, all you need is the tracking devices that you can keep track of their movements. They can wear bracelets or ankle bracelet with built-in GPS tracking devices. Using a smartphone, you will be able to locate them within no time. The bracelet gives out a loud sound when you come close to the missing person. In case of danger, you will be able to get notifications directly on your phone. This way, you can inform the authorities and/or go straight away to rescue them.

You can as well use geo watches. They are installed with GPS technology to give accurate location data that can really help save the patients. This technology is linked to your smartphone through dedicated app on your mobile phone. The app is also able to store historical data. This way, you will be able to know all the places that the watch has been recently.

Advantages of Personal GPS Monitoring for Disabled

There are several related benefits of using GPS tracking devices to keep disabled loved ones safe. Although you will not be there with them psychically, you can be assured of their safety.

Get their Location

Manually searching for a patient can cost a lot of money, consume a lot of time and involve a dozen of police officers to facilitate. However, with GPS tracking devices, you can track your loved ones within no time. You will get real time GPS coordinates and be able to locate them. Most of them cannot be able to trace their way back home or to the nursing homes. With a GPS tracking app on your smartphone or your PC, you can get real time information on their whereabouts. This way, you will be able to take actions accordingly.

You will have Peace of Mind

This is the main benefit that relatives, friends, family caregivers, medical professionals and the patients themselves get from personal GPS monitoring. Having a GPS tracking device means that you will be able to trace them immediately need arises. You will also be assured of their safety even though you are not with them psychically. With the use of the SOS button, the patient will also feel secure that someone will always be at their rescue in case of an emergency. The elderly tend to fall down most of the time or experience some other health complications. With the SOS button fitted together with the GPS tracking watch, phone or bracelet, they can be able to call for help with ease.

Offers Greater Independence

Most people who suffer from dementia feel that they are being deprived of their freedom. They are not left to take their own decisions and go to visit their friends or to do shopping. In the early stages, the loss of independence is something that is hard for them to take. GPS tracking allows them to maintain a greater degree of independence while offering safety & security. They will feel that they are still able to take their chances and move on with their normal life. At the same time, the caregiver will have peace of mind.

Provides Greater Control

With personal GPS tracking devices, you can be able to set a geofencing upon where the patient should not pass. This is a critical benefit that will help in controlling them. You will get notified in case your loved ones exits a designated geographic area so that you can take relevant actions. Setting a geofencing will allow the elderly to move around freely and at the same time safely. In case they cross the boundary set, the caregiver will receive a notification and get them back to the safe zone. This way, they will be kept out of dangers associated with wandering.

Builds Confidence

Dementia patients in its early stage need to understand their condition and hence play it safe. GPS tracking device allows them to act with greater confidence. They will be very aware of their conditions and therefore have confidence that even if they wander off or become confused, they can be located and rescued. GPS tracking will help to reduce injuries and incase the patient is injured, emergency measures can be taken into account.

Guaranteed Safety

Sometimes we get insecure when we leave our loved ones at home especially if they are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia and other mental related diseases and disorders. You don’t know whether they will leave the house or not. You don’t want them to interact with kitchen appliances especially with this condition. GPS tracking devices came here to bridge this gap of worries. They are fitted with sensors that can inform you when the doors are opened in the house, when they access refrigerators, cookers and many other kitchen appliances. They are also fitted with motion sensor. This sensors will be able to detect if the patient is moving or not. This way, you will be able to protect them from possible danger associated with handling appliances and tools.

They Help in Monitoring

This GPS tracking technology is getting sophisticated day by day. GPS tracking devices are nowadays fitted with devices that can sort and dispense medication, monitor vital sign to check for emergency situations. What this means is that caregivers and medical professionals can be able to detect when the condition worsens or when there is need for intensive care. As your relatives, friends and family enter their senior years, there is need to monitor and protect their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Being forgetful is a natural occurrence especially to our aging parents and relatives. The young mentally handicapped also face the same condition. Previously, there were few companies in the world offering the GPS tracking services for the elderly and mentally handicapped in the USA. However, as the cases of lost patients and an increased cases or crime committed on Alzheimer’s and dementia patients worldwide, there was need for these services. That is the reason why companies such as gps leaders ventured in this field. To provide solutions to the mentally challenged individuals in our society. Their devices have also made it easy to handle and care for them. If you are in California and its vicinity and you are looking for personal GPS tracking devices for your loved ones, then get in touch with GPS leaders through