GPS tracking for Cable and Telecom Companies

Utility companies should be running efficiently and most importantly maintain a steady source of their profits. When these companies are not running efficiently, their customers will be affected greatly.

Regardless of how the company vehicle is used, there’s need to fit them with GPS Tracking for Cable and Telecom Companies by GPS Leaders. It doesn’t matter whether they are dealing with emergencies or they are just trying to complete some simple repairs on time, GPS tracking devices helps such businesses meet all their customer needs and most importantly reduce the cost of operations.

Easily manage location of cables and Telecom vehicles

GPS Leaders offers efficient and reliable GPS tracking solutions that keeps fleet managers well versed with the real time information about the vehicle’s whereabouts. Verily, you can easily monitor where your vehicles are in real time. With such features, it’s also easy to pinpoint where your drivers are wasting time and make better decisions and improve the company’s productivity.

GPS tracking systems helps you see where your drivers are in real time, how long they stay in different stops and how long it takes to get to specific locations. Additionally, you can review visual indicators to detect unsafe driving and get up to date location tracking for vehicles in cases of emergencies.

Easily manage the location of cable and Telecom Personnel on Job sites

You also want to know where your field personnel are in real time. This is important in dispatch decision making. The fact remains that inefficient dispatch and routing can increase the company’s expenses and eventually impact negatively on the overall profit.

Knowing where your field personnel is in real time makes it easy for you to quickly dispatch nearest technicians and create the quickest route to reach the job site. This increases your abilities to respond to emergencies and reach more customers within a short period of time.

Easily manage cable and Telecom vehicle maintenance using GPS tracking

Maintaining your vehicles and other equipment well reduces your costs of repairs insurance and increases overall productivity. GPS tracking systems sends you vital data about the vehicle’s mileage and any sources of problems. This informs your decision-making and most importantly helps you maintain the vehicles on time.

Easily secure cable and Telecom vehicles with GPS tracking

Your field assets including vehicles and human resources are very valuable. GPS tracking systems secures your field team and your vehicles. The system comes with a SOS button. In case of any emergencies, a field worker should just press the button and you will get instant notification on your side.

Your vehicles should also be secured from theft and misuse. With GPS tracking systems, you get instant notifications via SMS or email whenever the vehicle gets past the geofence or is stolen. In case of theft, the authorities can easily locate the current location of the vehicle and recover with ease.

Additional benefits of GPS tracking system for your company are increased customer satisfaction reduced insurance premiums and increased service delivery. With such benefits, you wouldn’t want to wait any more. Get in touch with GPS Leaders for Fleet GPS tracking solutions for your cable and telecom vehicles.