Solar powered GPS tracking device for cattle by GPS Leaders

According to an article by National Geography, cattle rustling is back in the state of Oklahoma and several other parts of the country. This practice has become a lucrative side hustle for criminals in these areas.

These desperate junkies are using some sophisticated methods of getting away with such crimes without being noticed. They can easily load a few cows in the middle of the night and auction them for thousands of dollars.

With such a threat, most commercial farmers have started implementing sophisticated methods of managing their cattle and reducing chances of cattle rustling.

One of these methods to combat cattle rustling and enhance productivity through effective feeding is the use of Solar Powered GPS Tracking Devices for Cattle by GPS Leaders.

Easily manage the location of cattle using solar powered GPS tracking devices

With these devices, it’s very easy to spot where specific animals are in real time. As a matter of fact, you will be able to mark each one of them as present every morning and evening before people close to retire home.

Being able to track and account for every herd during the day and night is one of the most profitable ways of taking care of your business. Its also one of the best ways of establishing a secure home for you animals.

Setup Geofence Alerts to be notified of wandering cattle of your ranch property

Animals can get lost in the neighborhood or wander to the streets, which increases their risk of being stolen and other dangers. One ways GPS tracking systems can help is setting Geofence locations and be notified whenever the herd cross that boundary.

You don’t have to be closely monitoring them as long as you can keep an eye on them from the office. Whenever any animal crosses the set electronic boundaries, you will get a notification on your phone. This means you are in a position to respond fast enough and get the animal back to safe locations.

View Cattle past location graze history

If you want to manage your cattle grazing patterns, GPS can also help you. You can easily know where the cattle were grazing any time of the day. This is important to determine the grazing patterns and analyze the information for decision-making. Observing cattle movement during the day is also an indicator that could inform you about their health. Sick cattle will not be able to wander large areas in search for green grazing areas. This is because they don’t have the energy and probably they are feeling drained. Getting such data could be beneficial in establishing the cattle’s overall health.

Protect cattle from theft with solar powered GPS Tracking devices

I started by saying cattle rustling has increasingly become the topic of the day in most states in the US. The reason why criminals target cattle is because they are easy to get away with and most instances they are not tracked. With solar powered GPS trackers on the cattle, it’s easy to notice when something unusual is happening. You can also be in a position to report the case and recover the animals fast enough.