GPS Tracking For Golf Carts & The Benefits Of Their Use.

Gold Cart theft is a crime that most people think is unlikely to occur. Though, if you had paid a closer attention to some of the news across the world, you will realize that this type of crime is happening. As a matter of fact, this crime is on the rise in the US because there are several such cases that are reported every year.

According to statistics by the law enforcement officials, about 30,000 golf carts get stolen every year in the US only. This number is also expected to rise because these golf carts are becoming more expensive. In 2017, police in Sumter County, Florida stated that they had already nabbed some criminals that have been working on this. During a string operation in the same year, they managed to nab a great number of them and were later jailed.

Although the police are doing their work, the greatest precaution is supposed to be on the side of the owner. You don’t have to wait until your golf cart is lost so that you can learn a lesson. The wisest decision is to start taking due care and treat these carts as any other mobile device you have.

Along with alarms and any other protection measures that are recommended, you should invest some money and time to shop and buy the best GPS tracker. With these devices, it’s very easy to know where your cart is at all times and at the same time detect whenever your gold cart is at risk. With this real time tracking if someone breaches the security of your golf cart, it’s easy to notice and even when they take off with it, you will be in a position to track it and recover the cart.

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Golf carts are at a higher risk of theft and damages and for this reason, you should make sure they are secure and protected by investing your money to buy a good and reliable GPS tracking system and device. For the best deals and offers on Golf cart GPS tracking, contact GPS Leaders.

When you are buying GPS tracking systems for your golf carts, make sure they have all the features to protect it and at the same time facilitate easy track and recovery.GPS leaders are the leading Golf Cart GPS tracking device providers in California that you can trust with your GPS needs.

Easily Locate Your Golf Cart

One big mistake with Golf Carts is that they are very easy to hot-wire and steal. Those anti-theft devices you have included my not work well sometimes and that’s the main reason why golf cart theft cases are on the rise. This is the main reason why it’s a good idea to install them with GPS tracking devices. With these devices, you can keep an eye on your cart wherever you are. As a matter of fact, you will receive real time information about the whereabouts of your asset and at the same time know whenever something devious is happening or about to happen. This means you can easily notice whenever there are attempts to hot-wire the machine and take appropriate action on time.

A recent case in Monroe, Michigan, the police were able to locate a golf cart and recover it with the help of a GPS tracking system. The same incident helped uncover a Marijuana growing operation. When the cart was stolen, the owner immediately activated the tracking device and contacted the police for help. The police and the owner used the data provided by the tracking device to uncover the crime.

Protect Your Golf Cart From Theft

The main reason you want a GPS tracking system is to protect your golf cart from theft. As the information provided above shows, the cases of golf cart theft have increased over the years. However, since a GPS tracking system installed can reveal the location of the machine in real time, it gets very easy to track down the offenders and later take actions.

Traditional vehicle tracking were once a hot cake for most vehicle owners and golf cart owners. Though, these traditional systems heavily relied on traditional cellular Networks (gsm) to transmit their signals. With the use of GPS tracking systems that are available in the market today, there are several benefits that you can get with cart theft being at the core of it.

With Golf cart GPS tracking systems; you will get SMS alerts with all the information about the whereabouts of your vehicle. With this information, it’s very easy to locate the cart and take fast response to recover it.

Setup A Geofence Around Your Golf Cart Storage Area

This comes into play to hold inappropriate riders accountable. GPS tracking systems for Golf carts allows owners to set geofences to protect the machines from crossing the high risk areas or any other places that may damage or put the cart at risk. Geofence usually activates at certain times especially when you offer your cart to someone or even when you leave it unattended.

The owners have a chance to create zones based on a course’s criteria which will make it easy for you to notice carts entering and exiting geofenced places. This increases the safety of the machine and at the same time minimize instances of theft and misuse.

With Geofence, you get an alert whenever the machine crosses a designated area. In case of theft, you will get an instant notification via SMS when the machine gets beyond the operation area. The GPS tracking system will also send you the exact location of the machine which makes it really simple to track down the cart and recover it.

The above are some of the benefits of GPS Golf Cart tracking devices. The list of benefits is endless which means you should try one now if not today. Get in touch with GPS Leaders for all the deals and offers in California.