Teen Driving Monitoring

If you are driving and see a police car in your rear-view mirror, what do you do? Most of us immediately check to make sure we are following the rules of the road. It’s just human nature to change our behavior to avoid a negative consequence, such as a ticket. A program called Teen Driving Watch uses that powerful motivator to get teens to drive safely.

Teen Driving Watch works by letting teen drivers know that their behavior behind the wheel is being monitored, not just by police officers, but by the entire community. As one law enforcement officer put it, Teen Driving Watch is “Neighborhood Watch on Wheels.” Any member of the community who observes a teen driving recklessly can simply call the Teen Driving Watch Hotline, enter the unique ID number assigned to that teen‘s car, and leave a voice message about the teen‘s behavior. All calls are anonymous.

The message, exactly as it was recorded, is forwarded to the parents of the teen driver in seconds. Because parents hear the actual recording of the message about their teen‘s behavior, they can make their own judgment about the seriousness of the issue and the credibility of the caller.

A unique advantage of the Teen Driving Watch Parental Notification System is that its quick response (in generally less than 10 seconds) allows a parent to call their teen‘s cell phone and intervene when the reckless driving behavior is actually occurring.

If the parent‘s phone is busy or is not answered, the notification system will leave a recorded message and call other numbers provided by the parent. In addition, the message is transmitted over the Web as an audible “attachment” to the email addresses, also provided by the parent.

Law enforcement officers say they like Teen Driving Watch because, if minor infractions occur, it allows them to use their cell phones to send a warning message directly to the parents of the teen driver knowing that it will be transmitted in seconds. Another feature law enforcement officer‘s welcome is the option for Teen Driving Watch bumper sticker to help them identify provisional drivers at a distance. This supports enforcement of new Graduated Driver’s License laws that are in force in many states.

Parents need GPS Tracking For Their Teen Drivers

Would it be too much to ask that parents keep closer tabs on where their teenagers are and how they are spending their time? It seems to be a task that some parents do not perform well. And yet, you just have to imagine yourself in the same situation and you can see how frustrating it can be for the parents.

That is why it is imperative to use any means possible to give yourself an advantage in keeping watch on important parts of your teen‘s life like driving. Are they going where they said they were going? Are they where they are not allowed to go? Are they using the vehicle they are driving in a dangerous and irresponsible manner?

You can know these things with GPS LEADERS GPS tracking. Devices that are attached to vehicles can be used for the following purposes.

Enforce Accountability

Teens need opportunities to show that they are responsible and can be counted on to do the right thing. And the trust issue is a two-way street. When teens are given the chance to act responsibly, most of the time they do. They can understand the consequences of their actions and that helps to guide their activities – to a point.

If they do not choose to act in a way that builds their credibility with responsible behavior, then they can be held to account with evidence from GPS tracking units.

Location, direction of travel and speed are all possible tracking points with the right GPS tracking device.

Act as a Deterrent

If people know that they are being monitored, they get nervous and make more strident efforts to do right. Just like when you are driving down the street and a police officer is behind you in a patrol car. You become the best driver in the world at that point.

The same is true for teens that are being “followed” with GPS Tracking. The knowledge that they can be “checked on” as they move about should help promote positive and responsible actions while driving.

Verify Actions and Activities

You can know where your teen has driven which can lead to finding out what activities they have been involved in. Parents know what the dangers are and have some pretty harrowing stories to tell from their own teen years. All the more reason to keep track of what their teenagers are doing.

You can do that with GPS Tracking. Peace of mind is valuable, but having your teen with you at your side is priceless.

Ways a GPS Tracking System Keeps Teen Drivers Safe

The police now have the responsibility to make judgments about the age of drivers as they make their rounds. They already have more than enough to be concerned about, but now are forced to be a nanny in slapping the hands of teens who participate in new illegal activities.

Next, this addresses only part of the problem with teen drivers. The more important issue involves a lack of close oversight and accountability during driving activities. Police do not have time to follow every teen driver around to make sure that they are obeying all laws.

That is where a GPS Tracking system provides a comprehensive answer to teen drivers and the need to keep them accountable for their actions. Here are some ways that one of these systems will help keep teen drivers safe on the roads. Track history or real-time activities. Your choices in GPS Tracking systems includes models that offer history only reporting, or real-time monitoring of vehicle activities and movements. You get the data that you need to verify location, speed, and direction of travel.

Watches over their shoulder. Responsible driving habits are developed with constant oversight. Knowing that they will be held accountable puts them into a position of compliance by fiat.

Provides evidence of compliance. Data retrieved is admissible in a court of law. Speeding violations can be contested successfully if it can be proven that the vehicle was not being operated above legal limits.

Saves money on insurance premiums. Not only will young drivers understand the necessity of responsibility, but they will also see how responsible actions help keep costs low from an insurance standpoint. Insurance companies recognize the value of a GPS Tracking device and reward those who use them accordingly with lower insurance premiums.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not the law will have a positive effect on the actions of teen drivers. In the meantime, a better option remains to implement a GPS Tracking system. The advantages are too great to ignore, and the lives of teens are too precious.

Advantages of GPS Tracking Systems and GPS Tracking Devices

What is so good about this kind of technology aside from the usual security and comfort it can give is its ease of operation. It is user-friendly enough that almost anyone can use it. In fact, the device works fast, accurately, and in a wireless fashion. Much more, it can be easily installed. Therefore, it becomes almost a necessity for most car owners nowadays.

Moreover, aside from the usual car owner benefits, the technology has more to offer to vehicles, people, and companies as well. In fact, here are some of the benefits that can be reaped out of the GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking devices:

  • When it comes to vehicular benefits, the GPS systems provide security needed of a particular vehicle in certain circumstances. For instance, it can save the vehicle as well as the drivers and passengers from serious risks as the technology can monitor speed violations. Plus, it helps in conserving fuel as it can help the driver look for shorter and alternate routes, giving less time to arrive in a particular destination. Also, the GPS technology can point out directions to the driver, allowing a worry-free drive.
  • The GPS technology is helpful to car owners in cases when the car is robbed or if they park in a huge parking space. They can easily locate where the car is making it simpler to track robbers as well as the car itself. This is also beneficial in calling out help to authorities in cases of robbery, accident, and mechanical failures. With just a press of a button, help will be on the way.
  • Another thing about the GPS is that it helps parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts. The GPS Leaders Personal Tracker can be carried by a kid or placed in a teen‘s car to inform the parents as to the exact location of their kid. This is very useful in cases when emergency happens. The system automatically sends out information to the parents when such instances occur.
  • The GPS is also beneficial for businesses especially large companies. The device can easily track down any kind of nuisance or distractions within the business location. This helps the officials to easily manage their people as well as their resources.

Again, these GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking devices right in your hand will give you the best form of security and confidence. Having this kind of system in your hand, you will always be confident that there is something that can help you in any kind of situation.