John Deere GPS Tracking Services for John Deere Equipment in the US

When you’re monitoring multiple mobile workers in the job site and managing your equipment at the same time knowing what is going on with your fleet, you can get tired and overwhelmed. GPS tracking for John Deere equipment is there to give you full control. Theft for john Deere equipment is increasing day by day. Your farm is an investment and as a rural farmer, you should devote time and money to protect and secure your assets. In this brief, we’re going to discuss numerous ways in which GPS tracking can benefit you and your farm equipment. If you are a rural farmer and focused to maintain the safety and the security of your farm equipment, get in touch with ‘’GPS Leaders’’ Equipment GPS Tracking supplier in California for offers and high quality tracking systems. For more information visit

One of the best and the most accurate GPS-based location tracking system is John Deere’s worldwide correction network. This dual-band GPS system lets farmers track and monitor their planting, harvesting and more importantly their farming equipment. The farmers now have a very accurate and a precise way of knowing where their Deere equipment are from tilling, to planting to harvesting. You will have a chance to monitor between delays. The system works by pairing a network of base station with the GPS receivers in the cabs of the company’s machines.

How John Deere GPS Tracking Device On Your Equipment Works

If you want to increase productivity and reduce operation costs in your farm and construction sites, you need to invest in high quality GPS Tracking systems. The process is accomplished by the installation of GPS tracking device on the equipment that you are planning to track and monitor. It is now easier than ever to keep an eye on your equipment at the comfort of your home or office. Battery operated GPS tracking devices can be fitted on the Lawnmowers to notify you whenever someone is mishandling the machine. You can as well get on-time notifications when the engine start and stop. This way, as a farmer you will be able to keep an eye on those lazy workers and act accordingly. When field workers know that they’re being tracked, they will be able to practice precaution and work a little bit harder to avoid demotion.

GPS tracking device for your John Deere equipment are set to record locational information, and give notifications when the machine start and stops operating. You can as well trigger the device manually or by the use of computers to make them operational. The GPS tracking system for your equipment highly rely on a GPS receiver, a satellite, and a cellular network to send and receive information on both sides. A computer system should also be implemented to translate the information and display it in a readable manner.
Benefits of John Deere equipment tracking for small equipment

Small equipment pose a greater chance of lost. It is the larger equipment that pay more to thieves but those little equipment in the site are easier and simple to steal. Small companies know all the coming benefits that they can receive after investing heavily in quality GPS tracking devices for their equipment.

With the Satellite connectivity, your company will have a chance to on-time information on their equipment’s whereabouts. It doesn’t matter how remote the area maybe, the devices will help you save your equipment early enough. Setting movement alerts, you can get real time information when they are moved from one position to another without your consent.

They can as well store useful data that can help you know how your equipment was treated for the last 90 days. If you want to know where your vehicle and equipment was moved or being operated for the last 90 days, it will be a bit easier with GPS tracking system for John Deere Equipment.

If you are the kind of manager who turn up after a week or a month to get the statistics, then this kind of technology can work for you.
GPS equipment tracking devices are long lasting. With long lasting batteries and durable upper case, the devices can sustain harsh working conditions and still be operational for a long time. Some of the devices come with waterproof case that can sustain the rainy working hours.

Powerful Heavy equipment John Deere GPS Tracking Devices

If you cannot get to the office all the time, you can access information about your equipment just from anywhere. Get in touch with useful phone applications or a desktop computer tool to get all the information that you need. Smarter decisions start with better data. The only way to get better data about your equipment is to ensure that all your equipment have functional GPS tracking devices. John Deere GPS tracking technology from ‘’GPS leaders’’ give you all the information you need to make better information. You will get all the information about how your assets are used, operated and maintained. For the best offers and high quality GPS tracking systems visit

Importance of John Deere GPS Tracking Services

Locate Equipment Quickly and Effortlessly

The larger the farm and the more hands you’ve in your farm and the higher the chances you have to lose your equipment. GPS tracking systems is relatively important than the known simple visual scan. Although some equipment can be easily located by this simple technology, smaller equipment can take a lot of time to locate in a larger farm. Whether you are looking for knives, spades or even larger equipment GPS tracking can be beneficial in locating their whereabouts in a matter of time.

Notify you of off-hour operation

When you get so many people working on your farm, there is likelihood of time theft. However, with GPS tracking system, you can get on time information about joy riding and other mischief. With GPS tracking system, you will get on-time data about when the machinery are started or moved. This will also help you notice when your equipment is being used on other purposes rather than the assigned one. You will also realize when they are stolen and be able to follow them for recovery.

Less Downtime-on and off the job site

With GPS tracking for Deere equipment, the company will greatly reduce downtime. ‘’GPS leaders’’ Deere GPS equipment tracking systems can help you stay productive no matter the challenges in your farming. If you can be able to minimize accidents that occur in the site, then you are able to significantly reduce downtime. The farmer will also get information on when the equipment need maintenance. If the equipment are well maintained, then productivity will increase.

Safety of your workers and equipment

You don’t know when an accident can happen and that’s why you are supposed to install John Deere GPS tracking system for your equipment. Equipment accidents can cost you a lot of money. They can as well reduce productivity and lead to long term costs. GPS reporting can reduce instances of accidents and at last be healthy for your farming business. Monitoring and inspection can make sure that your equipment and vehicles are kept in good condition. With two way communication, your staff can be notified of all developing operational issues before they become a safety hazard.

Monitor farm hands

With GPS tracking systems, you can monitor employees and farm hands to ensure that they stay operational for longer. You will also be sure if you have resources in a given area to help in certain issues. What this means for you as a farmer is that you can be able to reduce operational costs and increase productivity at the same time. You have little to lose and more to gain by making GPS tracking an essential part of your farming business.

Schedule maintenance and Tune-ups

One of the ways of protecting your investment is to schedule routine maintenance for your equipment. This happens as your first line of defense to prevent operational problems while your John Deere Piece of equipment is operational. When it comes to your John Deere equipment it’s hard to beat the power of the equipment.

GPS tracking devices for John Deere equipment give you peace of mind

You can never have peace of mind if you don’t know the state of your expensive equipment in the farm. With GPS tracking devices, you will get peace of mind whenever you are. It doesn’t matter whether you are at work, in vacation or even at home having dinner, you can always get real time data about the state of your equipment. GPS tracking devices for John Deere equipment don’t just assist you in recovering lost assets but also gives you peace of mind.

If you can be able to certainly record down the time your field staff are working then you will automatically avoid paying for hours they didn’t work. That way, you will end up reducing costs of operation and end up making huge profits in your farming business.