Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Announced Guidelines for Selecting the Best Vehicles for Teen Drivers in the United States

Watching up your children grow to reach a point where they can be trusted to operate machines is a rewarding experience to the parents. However, when determining a machine that your child should operate and getting the right documentation for licensing can be overwhelming and comes with some uncertainties and concerns. Now that you’re choosing to trust your daughter or son to trail on the road with the family car or their own car, you have to find the best car for them and also use all mechanisms to boost their safety on the road. Posterior to spotting, deciding and buying the best car for your child, you should invest in reliable GPS tracking systems to ensure you can monitor them whenever they’re. Get the best tracking devices for your teen driver from GPS Leaders Teen Driver GPS Tracking Device Supplier in California. For more information visit

IIHS sought to guide parents on the best cars for their teen drivers and hence they recently released guidelines for buying the safest vehicles for teen drivers. They offered some guidelines that parents should consider when buying cars for their children. IIHS also recommended some vehicles that parents should consider buying for their children. There were two ranks of recommended vehicles-the good choice and the best choice. The price range was estimated to be between $2,000 and $20,000. What this means is that parents can buy the safest cars for their children regardless of their budget.

IIHS Recommendations are Based on Four Principles

1. Your Children Shouldn’t Operate High Horsepower Vehicles

It’s tough going out to shop for a car to give to your children. You want them to be safe and at the same time enjoy themselves. It is easy to overlook the details of a car. According to IIHS, high horsepower can be tempting for children to test their limits. What this means is that teens are likely to speed with high horsepower. High speed is marked as one of the leading cause of accidents on the highways. According to NHTSA teen drivers are likely to involve in fatal accidents per mile compared to older drivers until 80 years. Given the above figures, it is in your best interest as a parent to do whatever you can to reduce the risks of death through accidents. That is especially if you are getting a car for your teenage son. Male teenagers are more than 4X likely to speed and cause accidents on the trail.

According to IIHS, high horsepower are seductive in nature especially to teenage drivers. Although they are also seductive to older drivers, the instance of over speeding due to poor decision making can cost your son or daughter. Some authorities say that high horsepower makes the driving seem more fun and more exiting just like the video games teenagers are fond of playing.

Teenage drivers are also more likely to interact with people who glorify speed and hence more likely to speed and please them. To some people, speed symbolizes vitality, youth and vigor and also power. These false associations attract children who have little experience on the road than adults. What this means is that teenagers are less likely to refrain themselves from chasing cars that come with higher speed than theirs. As a parent, you should get lower HP for your teenage driver. Vehicles with lower HP are not so exiting. Although it is possible to break the speed limit with any vehicles those with lower HP are designed to do so at a lower rate and with impunity. They are also less likely to attract your child to engage in risky driving like racing with friends, aggressive lane chasing and many more. Vehicles with lower HP are less likely to encourage your daughter or son to race with friends and strangers on the road. A recent study shows that people are more likely to show aggressiveness when driving on high HP than when cycling or behind the wheel of lower HP vehicles.

2. Bigger, Heavier Vehicles are Safer

You never know when an accident can occur and what could happen in such a situation. However, there’s something you can do about the accident and reduce the risks of death. In an accident, a heavier and a larger vehicle is less likely to sustain the impact and cause deaths. The theory behind this is simple physics. According to statistics, the lowest death rate by vehicle is by far with the large SUVs. The same statistics indicate that 13 deaths per million registered vehicle are recorded for bigger and heavier vehicles.

The highest deaths are associated with small passage vehicles which is 64 deaths for every million registered mini cars. Larger and heavier vehicles also have other characteristics that contribute to safer riding. A bigger vehicle is not just heavy but also a bigger and has a longer crash zone. This gives the vehicle advantage in a fatal crash because the ceilings are higher and the larger interior roomier which gives a bigger room to protect the occupants.

In addition, larger and stronger frame can withstand more impact than the smaller and weaker frames of a passenger vehicle. One bad thing about heavier and larger vehicles is their likelihood to rollover. You are less likely to encounter this with small vehicles. However, there are fewer instances where heavy vehicles can rollover unless they collided at a higher speed. For your kids, ensure you buy a bigger and a safer vehicle to guarantee safety even in case of an accident.

3. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a Must

This system helps in directional control. In case your kid was approaching a sharp corner at high speed, then this system can help. This system was developed alongside anti-lock braking systems which are the integral part of the ESC to help in speed control and sharp cornering.

These stability systems work by simply controlling braking and power transmissions to the wheels. This system is a must before handing over a vehicle to your kind. Since they are more likely to be lured to over speed or take sharp cornering, this system can greatly help them. It is designed to prevent the vehicle from spinning faster or slower than the driver is whirling the steering wheel. The system will as well detect if the driver is losing directional control and apply a combination power to some wheels and braking on others to regain control.

Before handing over the key to your kid, ensure it has passed a double lane maneuver test prescribed by the NHTSA. The test as prescribed by the authority requires the vehicle to undergo a prescribed steering pattern at 80km/h without going through an uncontrolled spin. The success of ESC is preventing crashes through coordination between the steering wheel, individual wheels and the braking system. I bet this is what you want for your kids.

4. Vehicles Should Have the Best Safety Ratings Possible

Teen drivers who have just received their driver’s license cannot wait to get that dream car from their parents and get to the trails. Because the teen driver has little experience in the road, you need to get cars with the best safety ratings for them. Regardless of how careful the driver is an accident can originate from mechanical breakdown on the part of the vehicle or just any other reckless driver on the road. In case of such an incidence, you want to be assured that the vehicle your boy or girl is spinning in is safer and have reduced instances of causing death. The vehicle should have four to five star from NHTSA to mark it as high rated vehicle for your kid.

In case you plan of buying a used car for your son, then ensure you check on the recall before finalizing the purchase. Notify your manufacturer of the purchase to ensure you receive future recalls.

GPS Tracking for Teen Drivers

As if the above guidelines are not enough, as a parent you have to monitor your kind and ensure that they remain on the safer side of the town and also ensure your son or daughter is not over speeding. A combination of the above guidelines and Teen Driver GPS Tracking Devices can offer you peace of mind. Teen driver GPS tracking devices works to also make the teen driver that their behavior behind the wheel is closely monitored not just by the police but the parent too.

The devices record every detail and send it to the parents at home. If you notice that your child is driving recklessly, you can disable the engine remotely and call back for help. You can either get someone to pick him or her or just do it yourself. The instant notifications from the tracking devices enable the parent call their children phones and tell them to reduce the speed or just stop for intervention.

The good thing is that GPS tracking devices for teen drivers can be integrated with the parent’s smartphone. You can use GPS tracking system apps such as Applecarplay or Android auto for teens. The above applications once integrated on the kid’s phone, they help them make calls and receive directions in case they are confused on the highway. Just download Android auto and run it every time you are on the road. It notifies the driver in case their attention wonders away from the real task of driving ensuring his eyes remain on the road and his hands on the wheel.

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