Benefits of livestock Transportation GPS tracking services

Recent statistics show that criminals in American farms are turning to an old crime-Cattle rustling. This has greatly been attributed to the increase in substance abuse and increasing prices for beef. One of the recent cases is a case at Susan Edmondson’s farm near Henryetta, Oklahoma, where cattle started disappearing one by one a few years ago. The management thought that cattle have wandered, but more and more cattle went away during the winter. The culprits were teenage cattle thieves that were well known to the owner of the farm.

As a farmer, your cattle are a major source of income and an extension of your family. As for the rest of your family, you would want to ensure that your cattle are secure and in good health. Although there are many other ways of preventing livestock theft, Livestock Transportation GPS tracking services from GPS Leaders are very effective.

Easily Locate Livestock Transportation Vehicles

The primary importance of Livestock Transportation GPS tracking service is livestock safety and have a very significant role in monitoring the real-time location of livestock Transportation vehicles. This helps the management to realize whenever a fishy movement is initiated. The livestock haulers should at all times have a GPS mechanism to send real-time information and data regarding the current location. With this information, the management can consult in real-time.

Easily Manage Livestock Transportation trailer location.

All Fleet manager wants to have full control over the vehicle’s location, driver behaviors, and vehicle state. Using Livestock GPS tracking services, you can easily use GPS tracking data to identify routes that save you money and time. In this situation, smart route planning is essential in eliminating unnecessary fuel expenses and time. GPS tracking systems sends real time location information, which is necessary for Livestock Transportation Trailer Location management.

Easily Manage Livestock Transportation Driver Behavior

Livestock Transportation GPS tracking services give you full control of the fleet vehicle and those driving it. The admin will get real-time alerts whenever the driver moves past the Geofenced locations when they Overspeed or break any traffic rules and at the same time report reckless driving such as sharp cornering and instant braking. If the Livestock Transportation vehicles are speeding beyond the set limits, the system will send an instant notification to the admin with all the information to take action. The admin can equally personalize the notifications in several ways, such as altering the notifications by the drivers or mechanics, electronic mail and SMS alerts, and channeling the notifications depending on the supervisor’s requirements.

Locate the assets

With Livestock Transportation GPS tracking, you have a higher chance of locating your livestock and monitoring the Livestock transportation trailers’ movement in real-time. If the livestock is stolen, it’s also very easy to locate and recover your assets.

Livestock Transportation GPS tracking services help you reduce operational costs ad improve the productivity of your business.