Benefits of Storage Container GPS Tracking Services

The world is now connected, and more people are shipping goods and buying from wherever they are in the world. As a business that relies on Buying and shipping products, you need to manage the process, reduce chances of theft, and deliver on time to make your customers happy. But how do you monitor the storage containers after leaving the warehouse? How will you guarantee the Storage container safety and movement remotely? This is where GPS tracking systems come into play. Storage Container GPS tracking services have been around for some time, tracking the real-time of the containers and allowing customers to know in real-time where their goods and properties are. So, what are some benefits of Storage Container GPS tracking services by GPS Leaders?

Easily recover stolen storage containers.

Containers are a host of properties and assets worth millions of dollars. With such a huge amount of money at stake, it is very reasonable to consider Storage Container GPS tracking services as a method of preventing theft. Cargo damage and theft do immense damage to the company and customers; with Storage container GPS tracking services from GPS Leaders, it’s easy to swiftly notice and prevent cargo theft. In case cargo theft takes place, the admin can easily monitor the movement of the stolen goods and recover the cargo before damages are caused. The cost of replacing stolen goods can pose a serious financial issue for the company.

Setup Security zone Geofences around the storage container

Geofencing is the new way of setting a virtual boundary or, in simple terms a boundary in location and receive alerts whenever the containers are moved past the geofenced locations. The GPS system will trigger specialized notifications to the admin through email, SMS, and other methods to track assets whenever they leave the geofenced area. Geofencing is equally important in monitoring vehicles and noticing whenever they leave the destination and when they arrive. It helps to eliminate any chances of theft and damages to the properties.

Easily dispatch the nearest driver to pick up storage containers.

With GPS tracking services, it’s very easy to notice where all your trucks are in real time. Incase there’s an order, the admin can effortlessly pinpoint the nearest vehicle to a pickup point and dispatch it to pick the storage containers. This saves you money and time, which eventually translates into customer satisfaction and productivity. Statistics show that Americans spend more than 14.5 million hours every day in traffic. This includes the tradespeople in their trucks moving to their next job. If the admin can get real-time information about all the routes where the traffic is heavy, they can easily help the driver avoid traffic jams. The admin equally notices and dispatches the trucks nearest to the pickup point.

A dispatcher’s responsibility was to make sure that tracks get to where they are needed to serve the customers. Currently, dispatchers want these trucks to move to the customers with minimal costs and time. This way, they need an effective system to help in recognizing the nearest vehicle too a site and dispatching them effectively.