Keep Track Of Your Pets & Cattle With Pet GPS Tracking Services

Cattle and pet tracking technology from GPS Leaders offers a collar that incorporates a GPS sensor to inform you about the whereabouts of the cattle at all times. For the best GPS tracking services for your pets and cattle in California, visit GPS is very useful to farmers and pet owners. It can really help you as a farmer and lead to lower costs of operations and higher profits. Today, farms needs to operate as efficiently as possible not just for tracking their farm equipment but also keeping an eye on the herds with GPS. GPS tracking devices for tracking animals has several advantages which cannot be underestimated.

There are several devices that you can get to track your cattle from GPS Leaders. Some of them includes a solar GPS tracker for cattle with Built-in GPS for global tracking. The device is waterproof and can work under all weather conditions. It also has a built-in 1500mah battery for storing charge and ensure the device is operational at all times of the day. Some of the devices are also solar powered so there’s no worry of your device going out of power.

One of the most powerful feature that you should at all times look for when getting a GPS tracking collar is the anti-removal alarm. There are some criminal masterminds out there who practice cattle rustling and may want to disconnect the GPS device to avoid being tracked. However, GPS tracking devices for herds and pets from have an anti-removal alarm that informs you every time someone is trying to disconnect the device.

Losing your favorite animal/pet at any time of the day is the biggest pet owner’s fear. There are several cases reported daily of missing pets. According to statistics, there are over 7.6 million castles and pets stolen from their initial owners every year. The best solution here is to fit your beloved animal with a tracking system that will give you peace of mind.

RFID versus GPS Tracking Device

These two technologies are different but they have been combined to offer reliable services when tracking and locating assets and farm equipment is put into consideration. The two technologies have been combined in the past to enable companies get the enhanced visibility from the GPS technology and the specific identification techniques that come from the RFID technology. For the same reason. These two technologies are important when tracking and tracing your pets or herd.

Why Are Pet GPS Tracking Devices Needed?

There are several reasons why your dog, cat, and any other pet needs a GPS tracker. The first thing is for safety and convenience. There are several things that can prompt your dog to run away. In some cases, you dog is likely to go away out of curiosity. It may as well be driven away by other street dogs. For this reason, you need to have a reliable device for tracking the pet’s location and return it home at all time.

A dog and a cat can sometimes run away out of excitement, boredom or just falling in love with a stranger. Either way, there are several risks out there that can in one way or the other hurt your pet. They can be hit by a moving car, tortured by criminals in the street or even stolen. Dogs can as well get you into trouble with the authority in case it moved an attended and bite someone on the street.

With all that being said, with a tracker, you can be able to get real time notifications when the pet goes beyond a designated area directly and instantly on your mobile device. GPS tracking is undoubtedly the quickest access you have to spot your pet and get it back home. Although you are likely to incur some costs on the process, the feeling of losing your best friend can be worse.

If you don’t have GPS tracking system fitted on your pet, you are likely to rely on other services such as rescue groups and professional search parties which can be equally expensive. You will also have the stress of every day going to check if your dog has been picked up in shelters. If you want peace of mind and have a quick mechanism of reconciling back with your pet in case of a run away, then get GPS tracking devices for your dog from GPS Leaders

A pet can go missing in a blink of an eye. Lather than spending the rest of the day trying to recover her, just make use of GPS tracking systems to always check the coordinates of her whereabouts. It doesn’t matter how smart you and your dog are, dogs can still get disoriented when in unfamiliar environments and never trace their way back home. You can as well get between a hard surface and a rock trying to explain to the authorities why your dog caused trouble in the streets.

Why The Herd Needs GPS Tracking

Livestock distribution is an economically sensitive trait. It is also one of the principles of grazing management. However, there are several instances when your cattle can go far beyond the grazing area and never trace the way back. Although cattle avoid steep areas and also avoid grazing far away from water sources, they can get beyond your eyes to the forest or any other place where they can be hurt or even stolen. There are several benefits that a GPS tracking system can give to a farmer especially those that move from one place to the other with their cattle.

Using GPS for Behavioral Classification

With GPS tracking system, you can observe a specific behavior from a specific cattle and use it for your farm analysis. This will help you distinguish and classify livestock according to a specific character or behavior that you observe. Harry Stobbs was one of the first researchers that started doing research based on the grazing behaviors of the cattle.

For the time in memory, GPS tracking devices have been used to track movement and resting behavior for specific herds. However, the use of GPS data to determine the transition between moving slowly while grazing or moving quickly to water is difficult but practical. For this reasons, some researchers are using GPS together with other tools to get clear data. Some of them have fitted motion sensors together with the GPS tracking system to ensure the data they get about movement and resting while grazing is beneficial.

Pet GPS Tracking Makes Grazing Efficient

There are several statistics carried indicating that some cows, goats and sheep show a certain characteristic when feeding that can be utilized to make the systems of grazing more productive and efficient. The reality of the matter is that cattle are pickier than people would think. They prefer certain plants over the others and hence they are likely to feed on those before going for the other plants in the field. Using this and more data, farmers can be able to design better pasture system. This design may allow cows with a specific behavior access pasture at different times of the day. Since cattle are likely to prefer some plants to others, then the farmer can adopt a strategy to feed each cattle on the plants they prefer.

GPS Tracking Systems Can Save Your Cattle or Pet’s Life

How many times do your cow or even dog jump out and run to the street without your notice? Statistics show that more than a million pets are taken to pounds each year and majority of them lose lives on the process. Some authorities’ euthanize dogs if they are not claimed within a certain time limit.

Cattle can as well get themselves on such situations. If untraced for a couple of days, they can be stolen, hit by moving vehicles or even killed by the predator. A GPS tracking system will come in handy to prevent runaways and at the same time offer you a quick recovery mechanism in case of a runway. With a reliable GPS tracking device, it doesn’t matter where the animal is held, you will get alerts immediately the animal crosses the geofenced area and also share the location. This way, you can respond swiftly to correct the situation.

Other uses of Pet GPS Tracking Devices

The benefits that GPS tracking devices can offer are unlimited. Apart from the above uses, there are several other benefits that a GPS tracker can offer. With a portable GPS tracking device for your pet or cattle, you can be able to reduce theft cases. There are several criminals out there who wait for an opportunity to commit crimes. However, if your dog or a cow has a Portable GPS Tracker, they are unlikely to commit the crimes. For Portable GPS Trackers for Cattle Collars, visit Cattle GPS Tracking Device Provider in California